New shareholders among us!

New shareholders among us!

We are proud to present you the four new shareholders of our company. Now, the entire management team owns shares. In addition, this year, the Board of Directors decided to offer this opportunity to two employees who stand out through their involvement, both with their colleagues and with customers.

The new shareholders - Members of the management team

Antoine Leblanc

A true entrepreneur, Antoine has an exceptional global vision of the business. Both rational and very “human”, he stands out at both operational and strategic levels. His positive attitude and his ambition make him a person who takes advantage of every opportunity. Being also an excellent manager, he is available and invested within the team.

Sophie Chalifour

Sophie is an expert in operational management and knows how to make processes ever more effective and efficient. Her analytical approach allows her to solve complex problems and provide logical and innovative solutions in a field that she knows right on her fingertips. Her contribution to the team is noticed by all!

The new shareholders - Employees

Dominique Du Berger

Personal insurance broker with Lepelco for 24 years, Dominique stands out for her extraordinary dedication and his desire to service clients beyond their expectations. Having the company’s mission at heart, she knows how to create lasting relationships with her clients, by caring about them, like a mother hen!

Yan Trudeau

Yan has been a commercial insurance broker at Le Groupe Lepelco for 11 years. Having extensive technical knowledge of insurance contracts, he knows how to use his expertise with his clients. With his invaluable advice, he has been able to guide many companies to make informed choices.

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