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We are proud to present you the four new shareholders of our company. Now, the entire management team owns shares. In addition, this year, the Board of Directors decided to offer this opportunity to two employees who stand out through their involvement, both with their colleagues and with customers. The ... Read more
17 July 2020Frederick Dable



Important News

Effective March 16, 2020 The COVID-19 pandemic is evolving rapidly, and we are working to respond in real time, as developments occur and new information on the outbreak becomes available. The health and safety of our clients and employees is our top priority. That is why we encourage you to please contact our ... Read more
16 March 2020Frederick Dable


Websites or mobile applications allow you to purchase insurance online without having to speak to a certified representative. This idea appeals to you? Here are five useful tips to help you make an informed decision if you wish to buy insurance on the Internet. 1. Do business with a firm registered ... Read more
5 November 2019Frederick Dable


This year, the number of extreme weather events has had a direct impact on insurers. Owners of houses, condos and cottages will see significant increases in their home insurance premiums. Some have already even seen their bills double. Martin Gaulin-Gendreau, from Chambly, Quebec, just renewed his home insurance. And his premium was ... Read more
12 October 2019Frederick Dable


As a tenant, you don’t think you need home insurance? Should you get insurance? 37% of all tenants in Quebec are not insured. The value of your insurable belongings may not be as high as if you owned your own home. Nevertheless, they are worth insuring. For example, if a fire were to ... Read more
11 October 2019Frederick Dable


Whether your business is incorporated, registered, with or without employees and no matter what field of activity you’re in, your company needs insurance! Business-line insurance, commonly referred to as “commercial insurance,” applies to both large and small businesses, as well as certain self-employed workers. Who needs it? Lynne left a career as a ... Read more
8 October 2019Frederick Dable



Natural Disasters

Around this time in 2010, my parents were recovering after an almost-two-month saga with the Richelieu River in what would come to be known in Quebec as the worst flooding in 70 years. My parents are retired but they worked day and night to limit the damage caused by high ... Read more
3 September 2015Frederick Dable


Before heading into the world of insurance, I dreamed of becoming a carpenter. While still a student, I talked with one of the workmen finishing the apartment I lived in at the time. “How much would it cost me to go into business as a carpenter?” I asked him. “Well, you’ll need ... Read more
2 September 2015Frederick Dable


My father is retired. He was an accountant all his life and so he knows numbers really well. But not insurance. This gives rise to the following conversation every year when he renews his home insurance. My dad (handing me his renewal): “So, do you think the price is good?” Me: “It ... Read more
1 September 2015Frederick Dable



Water Damage

A few years ago, after my dishwasher was poorly installed, I found myself with a floating floor that was actually, well, floating! Walking on it felt like walking on a dock on a lake. I paid for the renovations myself. First of all, because the cost ended up not being ... Read more
25 August 2015Frederick Dable