The Company

Insurance is a constantly evolving field.

To strengthen our forward-looking position, we want:

● To be recognized for the quality and diversity of our products and services
● To remain abreast of changing needs, innovations and new technologies in order to offer individuals and businesses products that apply to their specific situations
● To maintain personal, ongoing and direct contact with each client

This last point is essential. We know that our customers are the very foundation of our company. Their satisfaction and loyalty strengthen our determination to stay the course we have chosen!

Our mission

To represent and advise

individuals and companies using a simple and effective process to help them select insurance solutions to protect their constantly evolving assets.

Our vision

A general insurance firm

where the customer is at the heart of our interests, where employees are motivated, where environmental responsibility and innovation are the driving forces behind our ambitions.

To this end, we rely on:

● Our employees’ competence, professionalism and helpfulness
● The diversity and quality of our products and services
● Innovation, the key to soundly adapting to a constantly evolving market

Our values

Lepelco’s core values are:

● Respect
● Fairness
● Involvement
● Open-mindedness

Our approach: Stand out with confidence!

It’s important to mention that Groupe Lepelco has an internal policy regarding claims.

Every claim we receive is subject to a rigorous follow-up three days after it is filed to ensure that the process is carried out in full compliance with your expectations. A second follow-up is done three weeks after the claim is submitted.

In the meantime, we are always available to provide any support you may need if anything happens between you and the insurer.