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At Lepelco, we help you develop your talents.

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Do you too want to be part of a stimulating, involved, close-knit and, above all, fun team?

Groupe Lepelco is looking for a certain profile: We are looking for people who will help us move forward, who work with heart and soul, who are not afraid to take on new challenges and who want to join our promising field. This is your chance to work at one of our three offices, located in Beloeil, Anjou and Ville-Émard!

Not sure you’re in the right place and maybe want to make a career shift?

Maybe you’ve never considered insurance. Well, come over to Lepelco where you’ll be paid to take a personalized in-house training course with the very best. In addition to this training, we offer salaries, holidays, flexible hours and benefits above industry standards.

Dream of working from home?

Teleworking is also possible. Work and family activities can be balanced at Lepelco.

We’re all for a positive and fun work environment.

That’s why our offices are up to date and dynamic. We also have several committees up and running. These include the social committee, the Opération Enfant Soleil committee, the recruitment and retention committee, the pimp my office committee, etc. You can join these committees to grow and help the organization evolve, too. After all, you spend 35+ hours a week in this environment, so why not make it a home away from home?

Our corporate culture is based on trust, growth and accessible leaders.
It is important to us to put our staff at the heart of our success. After all, it’s the team who makes us shine day in and day out.

Are respect, fairness, involvement and open-mindedness priorities for your work environment, too?

Great! We want you on our team!

Try it out! You’ll like us!

An insurance brokerage business must update constantly to continue to offer cutting-edge service.

And this is all the more true for us, Groupe Lepelco, an innovative company for 60 years now, where:

● You’ll receive personalized and ongoing training from our professional team
● You’ll evolve in a dynamic work environment that values respect and camaraderie
● Each employee is unique and their contribution is important
● Work and family activities are part of our daily routine
● Groupe Lepelco could very well become your home