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Business insurance covers much more than just your buildings, equipment and merchandise. Actually, you also need to protect your income, your administrative and professional decisions and, especially, your civil liability.

Beauty care program

The most complete insurance program in Quebec!Lepelco is proud to offer the most complete professional insurance in Québec, specially for all businesses and professionals in beauty and wellness care.

Opération Enfant Soleil has been raising funds to develop high-quality pediatrics for all the children in Quebec, for over 30 years!

Groupe Lepelco is thrilled to share that it received the ENTREPRISE ENFANT SOLEIL certification in 2019, announcing the beginning of a great philanthropic adventure with Opération Enfant Soleil.

Groupe Lepelco has proudly committed to supporting sick children and their families by making a corporate donation to the charity. Its dynamic team members have come together to hold various fundraising activities over the past few months, and were able to donate more than $30,500 to the cause.

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How old is your hot water tank?

More and more insurance companies are refusing to insure water damage if your tank is 12 years old or older. For your protection, change it every 10 years.

Some insurers offer you advantageous coverage

Some insurers offer you advantageous coverages specifically tailored to your needs. Contact us for more details.

Could you list all your assets in the event of a disaster?

An up-to-date list; photos, video: these are quick ways to keep an inventory up to date.

It is not because your vehicle is not new that it is worthless

Let us tell you about Replacement Insurance, which is a really advantageous coverage.

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